Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cusco/Machu Picchu

Wow! What an amazing two days these have been!

Friday morning we woke up in Lima, had breakfast, and then Diana & I went on a walk. We discovered that the area in front of our hotel was a dog park! JACKPOT! The view down to the ocean was also beautiful. The picture shows a view from the side walk looking down to a resturant that juts out in to the ocean.
We left Lima and flew to Cusco around 10. It is beautiful and the people here are so friendly! We had a great tour guide the whole time named Harvey. The hotel we have been staying at here is called the Monasterio. It was actually a Monastery converted in to a hotel. It is very very beautiful.

Here is a picture of us in the courtyard after we arrived.
In the afternoon we visited two cathederals and then had time to walk around the main square for some shopping and for getting harrassed by locals selling dolls, hats, belts, ect.
See below:

Here is me in the main square. It is so nice and different that anything we are used to.
One last picture from Friday....I met a lady with a llama and a baby, so I had to have my picture taken!

I am going to bed now...I am exhausted. I will get up in the morning and tell you all about Machu Picchu and the combined 7 hours we spent on a train today!
Thanks for keeping up with us! We miss you all and can't wait to tell you all of the stories!


Jack said...

That's so cool! I just love hearing and seeing your images.

BTW. Tell your Mom and Dad that WF won against Duke 33-30 in OT



Liz said...

Nice to seee that you like this trip, I'm peruvian and I'm sure I'm still doesn't know all my country have....Thanks for the beautiful photos....Liz

RRisMyHero said...

Just checked in to make sure you guys are safe and having fun..also to get my mind off of the election.

The stories and pictures are great. Thx for taking the time.

OMG - Is that Cathy Williams in JEANS???

Take Care and have a blast. I am so envious.

Karen (Mom's Friend)