Sunday, November 16, 2008


What a huge change to go from Agra, India to Dubai, UAE. Two different worlds. Dubai is unreal. I would compare it to Sim City. There is construction everywhere. It is like if New York was built in 15 years and you visited in year 7 or 8. The difference is that Dubai is seperated in to sections. Like Internet City, Music City, Sports City, ect. Different parts of the city are for different things. It is neat, but you can't walk any where. The buildings are unbelievable. Every district is one sky scraper after another. Wild!

We got here about 2:30 local time on Saturday. Once we cleared customs we got in four wheel drive vehicles and headed to the desert. Dubai is the desert, but we went to the undeveloped part. We four wheeled for about 10 KM through sand dunes and were supposed to have a whole carnival out in the desert.
Here we are with camels and sand.

This is exactly what Cathy Williams thought of the desert.

This morning we got up early and went out for a city tour. This was so lame. My parents seemed to enjoy it, but Diana and I didn't! We went on a driving tour of the city from the highway, then went to a fake version of what old Dubai would have looked like, and then capped it off by visiting a lame museum. Oh well! Then we went out on a boat through the canal. This was more fun because we got to see all the people and building from the water.

Friends! This is Erica, John, Tamara, and Michelle!

This is the view from our hotel window. The Atlantis is at the very top of the Palm Island, which is what we are looking at!
Ski Dubai
We returned from the hotel and had lunch. After lunch and some rearranging of our suitcases (we can only have our little luggage on our next stop in tanzania) we went on a Helicoptor tour of the city. I will let the pictures speak for them selves.

Actually, I wont.
The marina

Triangle towers

Will be the world's tallest building

The World Islands
The Palm

The Burj al Arab aka the self proclaimed 7 star hotel

Diana and the Helicopter

After the Helicopter ride we stopped at a Souk for some shopping, or maybe more looking, and then went back to the hotel. We got dressed a little nicer and went to the 44th floor for drinks and a few picutures.

Then we went to dinner and now we are back and have packed for Tanzania! Africa, here we come!


Ginny said...

Many thanks for allowing your mom to call me last night!!! I was absolutely blown away - I have never been called from Dubai before! Your pictures and commentary continue to catch the imagination - it is all so incredible. This is way better that watching the Today show visit places!
Love to all,

TradingNuggets said...

Very cool, Amazing what a barrel of oil can build in the desert.


Alicia said...

Wow! Girls you have put together one hell of a slideshow. What an adventure. You need to broker a deal with National Geographic or the T.V. networks. What a future you could have.
Family photo in the desert really makes Granddad look like a sexy movie star, and then there's Sam also.