Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I think we were actually in Samoa about 14 hours. We landed at 7pm, but if felt like 1am because that is what time it would have been in Easter Island. Diana and I got our luggage and went to sleep at like 9. The internet sucked and it was hot, humid, and buggy. A lizard got in to our room as well at 25 moths. No, more like 10, but still. So, not a great impression. But it was a beautiful island.

Also, I took a picture of our plane before we got on it. The plane is very comfortable and nice. And they wine and dine us the whole time we are on board.

There is a pink flower on the back! I think the crew is British. They are funny, one of the guys name is Rhys. Like Reese. Silly.
Some other interesting notes. My mother has taken up drinking red wine. AKA two glasses at lunch on the plane today.
Another funny story is that my cousin Sam sits next to a man named Mr. Weinstein. His wife and his sister are also on the trip and they sit behind him. His birthday was the day that we flew from Easter Island to Samoa. So, about an hour before we landed in Samoa the crew brought him a bottle of champagne and he wanted to open it then and let everyone have some. So I look over at Sam and he is drinking a glass! It was so funny! Oh, I laughed about that a good while. I think you need to know Sam in order to think that is funny, but if you do know him you probably will get a kick out of that.
The Weinsteins are hilarious and they are also Jewish. I think their children are 26, 24, and 21, so they are not much older than my parents. Someone asked them about their children and Mrs. Weinstein described the oldest two and when she got to the 21 year old she said, and then we have our wandering Jew who is finding himself in Las Vegas.

Also, on Diana's camera we found this picture of Reilly like a month after I got him...ha, he was so skinny!

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