Sunday, November 30, 2008


London is such a cool place! It is so rich with history, but at the same time is very modern. Keeping old traditions but not afraid of news ones. We only got to hit the highlights of London as we were only there for a few days, so I will also only mention the highlight!

Wesminister Abbey! This was so historical it was hard to believe that you can walk around where kings and queens have been coronated and royalty have been married and laid to rest.

The Walkabout. They had us from Sweet Home Alabama. We walked in to this disaster because the shops were closed...but the bars weren't!

The Rosetta Stone

National Gallery
The Tower of London

The Tower Bridge, where the put the heads of the prisoners that they beheaded!
We Will Rock You!!! The musical uses only the music by Queen and it was so great and fun!!

Pretty much, London was a blast. But, it was completely different than the experiences of the rest of the trip.

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